Notes about histamine and mast cells

Inflammation and histamine issues seem to be rampant today, and getting to the bottom of my own histamine related problems has been a quest for a while.  Things that work to partially relieve my histamine related symptoms (heartburn, migraines, chronic stuffy nose, periodic hives, sinus drainage, voice issues) are Benadryl Read more…

By Debbie Moon, ago

Histamine Intolerance & Genetics, Part 2

Please read through part 1 for more background on Histamine Intolerance.  For a good overview of histamine intolerance, visit the Histamine Pirate site: Histamine Intolerance. Causes of Histamine Intolerance There are three main causes of histamine intolerance: too little DAO enzyme to breakdown histamines, too much histamine from gut microbes, or problems with Read more…

By Debbie Moon, ago

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