Disease Prevention

MTHFR and Vaccinations

I recently read, for the million-teenth time, that anyone with an MTHFR polymorphism should not be vaccinated.  The argument always seems to be that those with decreased MTHFR enzyme activity cannot detoxify or handle a vaccination. This seems to be accepted as fact by some, but I hadn’t really read Read more…

By Debbie Moon, ago

MTHFR, Depression, and Homocysteine Levels

  An interesting study came out this year in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.  The study, Correlation of Clinical Response With Homocysteine Reduction During Therapy With Reduced B Vitamins in Patients With MDD Who Are Positive for MTHFR C677T or A1298C Polymorphism: A Randomized, Double-Bind, Placebo-Controlled Study, is available in Read more…

By Debbie Moon, ago

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