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Type SNP Risk allele* Your results
HLA-DQ2.5 rs2187668 T
HLA-DQ8 rs7454108 C

Your results show a susceptibility to celiac disease.

It is estimated that 90 – 95% of people with celiac disease have the HLA type of HLA-DQ2.5 and less than 10% of people with Celiac disease have the HLA type of HLA-DQ8. There is an additional HLA type (HLA-DQ2.2), not covered by 23andMe (v.4), that may come into play for a very small percentage of Celiac cases.

Without the risk allele in the HLA types above, it is unlikely for an individual to have celiac. This doesn’t absolutely rule out Celiac disease, but it does make it unlikely. An intestinal biopsy is still the gold standard if you or your doctor suspects celiac disease.

If an individual has either HLA-DQ2.5 or HLA-DQ8, it does not mean that the person has Celiac disease, just that it is possible to have it. Research studies are focusing on both have the genetic susceptibility along with environmental factors such as the timing of exposure to wheat and/or types of bacteria in the gut.

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