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Available Reports:

All of these reports are available on a “pay what you can” basis.  You are welcome to just pay once and then view all the reports. There is a donation button on the report where you can give via PayPal.  Thank you!

Celiac Report – shows your genetics for the HLA types that are susceptible to Celiac disease.

Thyroid Genes Report – shows the genetic risks for Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, hypothyroidism, and increased/decreased thyroid hormone levels

Vitamins and Minerals Report – shows your genetic variants for genes tied to different levels of vitamins/minerals.

Hemochromatosis Report – check your genes for hemochromatosis, hereditary iron build up. (This one is important! Take a couple seconds and check to see if you carry the genetic mutations related to building up iron.)

Phase I Detoxification Report – this report is important for anyone who is taking prescription medications since genetic variants in the phase I detoxification affect the rate at which drugs are metabolized.  The report works best for those with 23andMe v.4 data (prior to Aug. 2017), but there is some information for those with v.5 data.