Living to 100? Longevity and Genetics (Patrons Only)

Longevity Genes - check your 23andMe resultsThere are several genes known as “longevity” genes that increase your odds of becoming a centenarian. Specific variants of these genes are associated with increased likelihood of living to be 100 or more. (This seems like vital information to know for retirement planning!)

So what are the odds of living to 100? Someone born a hundred years ago has less than 1% chance of being alive today. In contrast, girls born in the past few years have a 33% chance of living to 100. Here is a nice chart of your odds of living to 100 based on your birth year:

So if your odds of living to 100 are 20%, a gene that increases that by 1.5x or 2x is actually significant. But do keep in mind that while genetics does play a role in how long you live, there are many other health and lifestyle factors that are also important.


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