Discounts and Deals

For all of my Genetic Lifehacks savvy shoppers, here is a roundup of discounts and deals:

Genetic LifeHacks Annual Membership Coupon:

$5 off an Annual Membership for July! Use coupon code July

Membership benefits include:

  • Privacy first! Your genetic data is not uploaded, stored, or transferred. All the magic happens on your computer, in your browser.
  • Access Member’s only articles and enhanced articles that show your genetic data.
  • View Topic Reports which show you which articles apply to you – saving you a lot of time when deciding what to read!
  • Support Genetic Lifehacks, keeping it free of advertising
Lab tests:

COVID-19 Antibody (IgG) Test: -The Coronavirus [COVID-19] Antibody (IgG) Test is available to order on your own (no doctor’s order needed). Use coupon code COVD19AB for 20% off. 

UltaLab TestsJune Sale:
Save 15% off ALL lab tests with the discount code ULTA15 at

(The lab test links above are affiliate links – a small portion of your purchase will support Genetic Lifehacks)

Discount / Promo codes from other websites:

Oura Ring – $50 off w/link thorough the QuantifiedBob website

Chilipad  – 25% off coupon code CLP25