Early to bed, early to rise – helps with weight loss and diabetes

This one simple change can help you lose weight and prevents diabetes!

Ok, enough with the smarmy copywriting hooks...

I'm going to depart from my usual format of talking about a specific genetic variant and instead cover a few recent studies on how circadian rhythm affects both body weight and diabetes risk -- and then end with some wild assumptions and conspiracy theories.

Current situation:
Public health policy people and diet doctor gurus are arguing on Twitter and 'the Facebook' about how what percentage of carbs is going to kill us all and what our ideal ratio of C10:C8:omega-3-6-9 fats should be. Everyone seems to be missing the elephant in the room.

Our shift towards an obese, diabetic population may not be due to our macronutrient ratios!

People all around the world have survived and thrived on different diets, with great dietary flexibility at the heart of our species' evolutionary advantage.

Instead, the fundamental change on a more elemental level starts with the advent of artificial light. While Thomas Edisons' incandescent bulb moved us towards a 24-hour society, our even more recent shift towards exposure to light in the blue spectrum at night is, well, screwing with our most fundamental biology!


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