Foods & Vitamins

genetics and estrogen metabolism

Folate & MTHFR

The MTHFR gene codes for a key enzyme in the folate cycle. MTHFR variants can decrease the conversion to methyl folate.

Vitamin D

Your vitamin D levels are impacted by sun exposure - and your genes. Learn more about how vitamin D is made in the body and how your genetic variants impact your levels


An essential nutrient, your need for choline from foods is greatly influenced by your genes. Find out whether you should be adding more choline into your diet.


Also known as vitamin B1, thiamine is essential for energy production and brain function. Learn how your genes influence your need for thiamine.

Vitamin A

Genetics plays a huge role in how well you convert the carotenes into retinol. Some people are great at converting beta-carotene in their diet into the retinol form. Others carry genetic variants that significantly impair that conversion.

Vitamin B12

There are several genes that can influence your absorption, transport, and need for vitamin B12. Some people need higher amounts of B12, and some people thrive on different forms of B12. Take a look at your genetic data to see if you should up your intake of B12.

Caffeine + Carbs

For some people, stacking caffeine with carbohydrates will raise their blood glucose levels more than just carbs alone. Learn whether you carry this genetic combo and what to do about it.

Fish for DHA & EPA

We all vary in how well we convert the plant-based omega-3 oils into the DHA and EPA that our body needs. Some people are really poor at this conversion and thus should either eat more fish or consider taking a DHA / EPA supplement.