Let me introduce myself…

Hi, there!

I’m Debbie Moon, a science geek and problem solver. My background is in engineering, and I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in biology. About four years ago, I started having some irritating minor health issues, feeling old when I was turning 40. I took a deep dive into health and genetics, going at my problems with a systematic, engineering mindset and utilizing research studies. Along the way, I’ve learned a ton, helped out many family and friends, and shared with hundreds of thousands via this website.

My goal is to inspire people to approach their own health with a similar mindset, to learn and invest in their health. We are all unique, and our genetic data can point the way towards optimization. We don’t have to settle for general advice or taking a pill to manage symptoms when there is a vast amount of scientific research available at our fingertips.

Join me in my logic based revolution?