Longevity and Healthy Aging

Many of the diseases of aging can be prevented with lifestyle and diet changes. Learn how your genes impact healthy aging — and then apply the research-based Lifehacks to optimize your health and prevent the diseases of aging.

NAD+ article including human studies on NR and NMN


Explore the research about how nicotinamide riboside (NR) and NMN are being used to reverse aging. Learn about how your genes naturally affect your NAD+ levels, and how this interacts with the aging process.


The APOE gene variants are tightly linked with the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Find out whether you carry the APOE risk type for Alzheimer's - and learn what all of us can do via diet and lifestyle to prevent this disease.

Longevity Genes

Centenarians - people who live to be 100+ - have been studied by geneticist to determine how their genes influence longevity. Check your genetic data to see if you carry the FOXO3A and IGF1R variants associated with healthy longevity.

telomeres and aging


Your telomeres are the region at the end of each chromosome that keeps your DNA intact when your cells divide. Telomeres that get too short cause cells to stop dividing, leading to some of the diseases of aging.

Klotho Protein

The Klotho protein is involved in many of the diseases of aging. Learn more about this gene and find out how your Klotho variants may impact healthy aging.

Advanced Glycation End Products

One cause of many of the diseases of aging is the buildup of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Your genes interact with your diet - and cooking methods - in the build up of AGEs.