Like Oprah, here are a few of my favorite things:

Sleep hacking and increasing melatonin

Top of my list these days happens to be one of the cheapest and easiest things that I’ve done to improve my health: blocking blue light in the evening.  I noticed the benefits after just a week or so of wearing these at night.

 Uvex Blue Blocking Glasses:
For around $10 on Amazon, these are definitely worth trying out. While not exactly a fashion statement, the glasses do a good job of blocking out the blue wavelengths. Wear them in the evening for a few hours before bed. (Study showing a 50% increase in melatonin from 2 weeks of blue blocking glasses in the evening.)


Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses | Fits Over Prescription Eyeglasses
I haven’t actually tried these because I don’t wear prescription glasses, but the reviews on these are excellent and the price is good.  

Methylation Cycle Supplements:

Jarrow Formulas Methyl Folate 5-MTHF (400mcg):
At less than $6/bottle, this is a great option if you are starting out with methyl folate to support your methylation cycle. The capsules are tiny and easy to swallow, and they can be pulled apart if you need a smaller amount.     


Black Bear Energy Spray (25 mL) 
While at first glance it may seem strange to include an energy spray here, this spray contains a combination of B12:  hydroxo-cobalamin and adenosyl-cobalamin.  It also has a small amount of molybdenum, trace minerals, B2, and B3 in it.  


Putting together my own capsules:

After researching the effects of emulsifiers on our intestines and gut microbiome, not only did I start reading labels more carefully at the grocery store, but I also started looking into the fillers in my supplements. I’ve ended up buying powdered supplements and creating my own capsules — with no additives and fillers needed.

Smart Weigh Ultra Slim Jewel Digital Pocket Scale with Tweezers and Calibration Weight, 20g x 0.001g Capacity
This cute little scale is easy to use and seems to be fairly accurate.  You do need to make sure that it is on a flat, level surface when using it.
Capsuline Clear Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 0 250 Count 
I use gelatin capsules to avoid the cellulose in the vegetarian capsules, but if you are a strict vegetarian there are vegetarian capsules available in bulk also.  


Gut Health:

Renew Life Colon Care Probiotic, Ultimate Flora, 80 Billion
After figuring out that I am lacking in bifidobacteria, I have found that this formula with lots of bifido’s that works great for me.  I almost hate to recommend them to everyone, since gut microbiomes differ greatly.  But they are definitely part of “my list of favorite things”.