Snips about SNPs: ABCC11 and body odor

The ABCC11 gene (ATP-binding cassette transporter sub-family C member 11) encodes a protein involved in transporting molecules across cellular membranes. ABCC11 is important for the transport of lipophilic compounds, bile acids, conjugated steroids, and – important here –  the substance in apocrine sweat and in earwax, thus causing body odor and wet earwax.

For people who have loss-of-function genetic variants, the transporter doesn’t work and doesn’t transfer the odor-causing lipids into your armpits. No body odor!

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Check your genetic data for rs17822931 (23andMe v4, v5; AncestryDNA):

  • C/C: wet earwax, body odor, and normal colostrum[ref][ref]
  • C/T: wet earwax, somewhat less body odor
  • T/T: dry earwax, no body odor, and less colostrum

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*SNP stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, which is when one of the nucleotide bases (the A, C, G, or Ts) is replaced by a different nucleotide base in a gene. 

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