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Snips about SNPs: Hangry Gene

Ever wonder how your friends can go all day without eating — or why they love intermittent fasting — when you get so irritable and grumpy?  Perhaps you have the “Hangry Gene”. Or, more accurately, perhaps you carry a genetic variant in the GNB3 gene that is linked to irritability and a bad mood when fasting.

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Check your genetic data for rs5443 (23andMe v4, v5; AncestryDNA):

  • C/C: best mood, least hunger
  • C/T: somewhere in the middle with more hunger than C/C
  • T/T: worst mood, most hunger when fasting – hangry[ref]

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*SNP stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, which is when one of the nucleotide bases (the A, C, G, or Ts) is replaced by a different nucleotide base in a gene.  Want to know more about your genes? Read through all the Snips about SNPs

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Debbie Moon is the founder of Genetic Lifehacks. Fascinated by the connections between genes, diet, and health, her goal is to help you understand how to apply genetics to your diet and lifestyle decisions. Debbie has a BS in engineering and also an MSc in biological sciences from Clemson University. Debbie combines an engineering mindset with a biological systems approach to help you understand how genetic differences impact your optimal health.

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