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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Most frequent questions and answers

The interactive Topic Summaries that integrate your genetic data work on all modern browsers — except for Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately, the interactive features will not work in IE and you will need to use an alternative browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Brave, Opera)

Need help finding the .txt file to download? Here are directions on how to download 23andMe data and AncestryDNA data

For viewing the Topic Summaries, your genetic data stays on your computer. It is accessed only in your browser and not transferred over the internet.

No. You must unzip the file and use the .txt file for the reports and interactive elements to work. 

If you have a problem, question, idea, or just want to say hi, please feel free to send a note using the member’s contact page.  

No. The interactive reports that use your genetic data need access to your browser’s temporary files cache. This is not allowed in incognito mode on Chrome nor in permanent incognito mode in Firefox. 

Absolutely. If you find that you want more help or guidance with understand what could be important in your genetic data, you can order a Top 5 Topics consultation report at a discounted member’s price. 

On the Member’s Access page, simply click on the “Clear Your Data’ button. Then click the “Choose File’ button and select the new raw data file.