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Personally Identifiable Information:
No personally identifiable information is stored by Genetic Lifehacks from your use of this website.

Genetic Lifehacks offers a monthly newsletter and uses MailChimp, a secure opt-in service,  to manage newsletter subscribers. There is an unsubscribe link in every newsletter.  We do not rent or sell your information to anyone.  Your email address and name (should you provide it) is only used to send you our newsletter.

Reports using 23andMe Data:
If you choose to use the reports feature which connects to your 23andMe data through the 23andMe API, your personal genetic data for the report requested will be transmitted from 23andMe to your browser.  All of the report information is created on the fly in the browser and not stored on the Genetic Lifehacks server.

This website is created using WordPress and associated plugins.  Cookies will be set by (if you allow cookies in your browser) during your visit to the website and expire at the end of your session.  These cookies allow for optimization of the website and basic statics of pages viewed.  You can turn off cookies in your browser settings.
Genetic Lifehacks has no control over third party cookies set by advertisers.  You can view our advertisers’ privacy policies and control third-party cookies in your browser settings.


Last updated 1/6/2018


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