Downloadable Resources for Genetic Lifehacks members

Sometimes you just need to print out and hold on to information… I get it. To help you out, I’ve created several printable resources to go along with Genetic Lifehacks articles.

Supplement tracker form (.pdf)

Have you ever started taking a supplement and later can’t remember what it is supposed to do? Here’s a handy form to keep track of what you are taking and the genetic reason for it. Use it to re-evaluate periodically whether a supplement is working for you.


Research studies on SARS-CoV-2 Treatment Options (.pdf)

A nicely formatted, printable report on the research studies on prevention and mitigation of SARS-CoV-2. This is simply a printable, concise version of several longer articles.


Download Instructions for 23andMe Raw Data (.pdf)

Printable, sharable instructions for how to download your 23andMe raw data file. Perfect for health coaches or practitioners to use with clients.


Food Sources of Folate (.pdf)

Perfect for sticking on your fridge, this information sheet will help you choose folate-rich food sources. Be sure to check your MTHFR genes and read about folate vs. folic acid as well.


Saturated Fats and Your Genes Workbook ($6.99)  Free!

This 35 page .pdf workbook explains how different genetic variants interact with saturated fat. The workbook has room to fill in your family’s genetic data, so that you can keep track of everyone’s genetic variants.