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  • View your genotype data in every article – the quick and easy way to understand your genes.
  • Focus your energy on what is important using unlimited overview reports.
  • FREE course on getting started with genetics.
  • No additional testing needed. Use your raw data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, SelfDecode, MyHeritage*, and more.
  • See the good stuff! Access the member’s sections of articles.
  • Privacy. The only site giving you reports without storing your private genetic data.

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$8.99 /mo.
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  • Access to all reports
  • Automatic monthly payment
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  • Access to all reports
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  • Create reports for client / family members
  • PRO learning resources
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Membership Benefits:

Member Benefits:MonthlyAnnualPRO Member
See your genotype in every article
View the member’s only sections of articles
Create unlimited summary reports for your own genetic data
Create unlimited summary reports for family members or clients
Weekly email newsletter
Privacy ensured! Genetic data is stored on your own computer
No advertisements; no trackers
Member-specific support email
Priority email support, pro questions answered
PRO Learning resources with example case scenarios
Printable client resources
Listed in practitioner directory (optional)

✓ Easily see YOUR genes right in every article.

  • No more looking up rs ids in your raw data. It will save you a ton of time!

✓ Summary Reports quickly show you which articles to read

  • With over 350 articles and 1700 genetic variants, the summary reports are an essential feature for seeing which articles apply to YOU.
  • Quickly focus on what is actually relevant to your genes.
  • Print or save as a PDF to refer back to later. 

✓ Read the complete Lifehacks sections of all articles

  • Access the Members’ Only sections of articles with supplement information and detailed, personalized solutions.

✓ Receive the weekly newsletter

  • Once a week, a quick and feature-packed update arrives in your email inbox

✓ Privacy First & Ad Free!

  • Reports are rendered in your browser.
  • Your genetic data is not transmitted to or stored on Genetic Lifehacks! Your genetic raw data stays locally on your computer.
  • No ads tracking your every page view
  • User data is not being collected to be sold as an asset. (This is important – and different than other genetic companies!)

✓ PRO Memberships

  • Created with health coaches, nutritionists, practitioners — or the family health manager — in mind.
  • Easily create printable / .pdf topic reports for clients or family members. Customizable with a notes section so that you can highlight what is important or add recommendations for your clients.
  • Learning resources designed to help you quickly understand what’s important in genetic data.
  • Find out more about PRO membership features

Frequently Asked Questions:

** Q. How does Genetic Lifehacks keep my data more secure than other companies?

A. Genetic Lifehacks reports and enhanced article features are created ‘browser side’. Your data stays only on your computer, seen only by you, and not stored online. 

On other genetics websites, you have to upload your data to be stored on their server and allow the company to save, use, and view your genetic data. While it may be convenient, there is a risk to your personal data when it is uploaded to the internet.

All genetics companies say that they care about your privacy… But when you read through their policies, you will often get a different picture.

Here’s the secret no one is talking about: Many companies are compiling genetic data plus health lab information as an asset to be sold when the company gets bought out by a tech giant. 

Q. How are the topic reports created since I’m not uploading my data?

A. Each time you log in as a member, you can select your raw genetic data file. 

The data is read into a temp file in your browser, sorting out your genotypes and showing your information in the reports and the enhanced articles. Nothing is transmitted across the internet – these actions all happen privately on your computer. 

Our goal at Genetic Lifehacks’ is to protect your privacy. In other words, you control your data (literally) and don’t rely on an online server for its protection.

Please only use the member’s features on a trusted home computer. Don’t load your genetic data onto a public computer.

Q. Why a membership model instead of just selling ads?

A. Advertising is an effective way to support websites and keep the content free. However, advertisers track users from one website to another to build detailed profiles of content interactions that can be sold.

When it comes to private health issues and genetics, the last thing you want is to be tracked and profiled.

The membership model keeps Genetic Lifehacks free of ads and financial bias. Plus, it means that our goals is to meet the needs of members rather than selling ads.

*Q. Which file types and browsers are supported?

The topics summary reports and interactive features for members work well with most modern browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, Safari, and Firefox.

Unfortunately, the reports will not work with Internet Explorer.

Currently, 23andMe and AncestryDNA v2 .txt files work for the summary reports.

Data files in a similar format, such as from tellmeGen,, SelfDecode, or 24genetics, should also work. MyHeritage files also work, but you will need to convert the file from .csv to .txt format. You are welcome to contact us with specific questions, or if you join and find that the data file you have doesn’t work, just contact us within a week for a full refund.

The SNPs section in each article indicates whether it is available on 23andMe versions 4 or 5 or on AncestryDNA v.2 data. Most of the SNPs listed for 23andMe v4 are also found in the v3 data.

Q. How are the member’s sections of articles beneficial?

The member’s sections give further details on lifehacks and research on supplements. It also includes a visual overview of your data that is easy to print. The member’s sections offer additional value for your membership since they contain detailed and referenced solutions you can experiment with or discuss with your doctor.


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions before signing up. 

My goal is to have completely happy members who receive a solid benefit from their membership! If you aren’t happy with your membership, contact us within a week for a refund. 
~Debbie Moon