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Privacy First, Ad Free!

  • Interactive reports are rendered in your browser. Your genetic data is not transmitted over the internet! 
  • No ads tracking your every page view, and no sales pitches 
  • User data is not being sold, and your genetic data remains YOURS.

Topic Summary Reports

  • Topic summary reports show your genetic data (example below)
  • Easily see the articles relevant to you
  • See your genetic data right in most articles! No more looking up rs ids. 

Member's Only Content

  • The latest research, curated and explained
  • Genetic variants covered by major genetic testing companies
  • Focused on high quality research which has been replicated
  • Member’s weekly newsletter featuring new content, research

What if I can't afford a membership?

Our purpose is to educate and help people to understand the available high-quality health research on genetics. Genetic Lifehacks remains committed to keeping articles on major health topics FREE for everyone to access. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Genetic Lifehacks keep my data more secure than other companies?

Genetic Lifehacks reports and enhanced article features are all created ‘browser side’. Your data stays only on your computer, viewed only by you, not stored online. 

On other genetics website, you have to upload your data to be stored on their server and allow the company to save, use, and view your genetic data. While it is convenient, there is a risk to personal data each and every time a file is uploaded for storage on the internet. 

Even if a genetics company claims to care about your privacy, when you read through their policies, you will often get a different picture. Many companies are compiling genetic data plus personal information as an asset to sell when the company gets bought out by a tech giant. 

How are the topics reports created if I'm not uploading my data?

Each time you log in as a member, you can select your raw genetic data file. 

The data is read into a scripting file in your browser, sorting out your genotypes and showing your information in the reports and the enhanced articles. Nothing is transmitted across the internet – these actions all happen privately on your own computer. 

Our goal at Genetic Lifehacks’ is to protect your privacy. In other words, you control your data (literally) and don’t rely on an online server for its protection.

Please only use the online reports on a trusted home computer. Don’t load your data onto a public computer.

Why a membership model instead of just selling ads?

Advertising is an effective way to support websites and keep the content free.  But advertisers track users from website to website, building a detailed profile of everything the user looks at and interacts with. 

When it comes to genetic data and private health issues, the last thing you want is to be tracked and profiled. Sponsorship from members keeps Genetic Lifehacks free of ads and financial bias.

Which file types and browsers are supported?

Currently, 23andMe and AncestryDNA .txt files work for the summary reports. Other data files in a similar format may also work, and you’re welcome to contact us with specific questions.

The topics summary reports and interactive features for members work well with most modern browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, Safari, and Firefox. Unfortunately, the reports will not work with Internet Explorer.

What are the member's only articles like?

The member’s only articles are similar in format to the free articles, but offer expanded topics and the most up to date research. 

Membership also gives you access to see your genetic data right in the articles for all of the member’s only articles and most of the free articles.

How long does the annual membership last?

The annual membership gives you access to all the features for a full year. Check your genetic data on a report whenever you want to and as many times as you would like. Switch between genetic data files as many times as you would like.

Annual memberships do not automatically renew. You are in charge of deciding at the end of the year if you want to remain a member. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality content, not rip you off. 

What do the Topic Summary Reports look like?

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$6 /mo

Annual (Save 46%)

$3.25 /mo

(Prepaid yearly: $72 $39)


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