23andMe Sale Dates – Get the inside scoop on the deals

If you aren’t in a hurry to get your 23 and Me genetics test done, you may want to wait for a sale.

Traditionally, 23andMe goes on sale for these holidays:

Black Friday: The Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th), 23andMe usually has a great sale price on all of their test kits.

Winter sale: Often, 23andMe goes on sale in early November through Black Friday. The sale is usually not quite the same as the Black Friday price. Instead, you may find the more expensive options on sale during this time.

Christmas sale: The kits are often on sale from Cyber Monday through Christmas Eve. Again, the discount is usually different than the Black Friday sale.

Valentine’s sale: Some years, 23andMe offered a quick sale for the week of Valentine’s (Feb. 14th).

Mother’s Day sale: The week or two before Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May) is another sale date for 23 and Me test kits.

Father’s Day sale: Again, the week or two before Father’s Day (third Sunday in June) is another sale period for 23andMe.

Prime Day: Don’t forget to check on Amazon during Prime Day in July for discounted genetics offers.

Columbus Day sale: The first and second week of October is another common sale date for genetic test kits.

Privacy tip:

If you want to autonomously purchase and register your kit under a pseudonym, you may want to buy a kit in person at Target or perhaps on Amazon.com.  Their sale prices sometimes differ from buying it on 23andMe.com, so take that into consideration.

Raw Data File:

All of the 23andMe options (basic package,  Health reports, ancestry membership, etc.) offer access to the same downloadable raw data file.

Once you’ve gotten your 23andMe raw data file results downloaded, come back here to check out everything you can learn from your genes!