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Tracking Your Vitamins and Minerals

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype around a supplement. Perhaps you keep getting emails saying that riboflavin or biotin are the bee’s knees. Or ads on Instagram pushing a brain multivitamin that will give you Einstein-level thinking. I admit it – I love to try a new supplement after reading all the research on it. Half the supplement and vitamin articles on Genetic Lifehacks were written because I was digging into the research studies for myself. The less exciting reality is that sometimes we don’t need the new, fancy vitamins or minerals because we already get plenty from foods that we eat on a regular basis. But… how can you know for sure? Get your baseline intake from what you eat: Before adding in any new supplements or making big dietary changes, it really helps to know what you currently get as far as vitamins and minerals from your regular diet. The online tool that I like best for tracking my vitamin and mineral intake is Cronometer is available as a free website application or as … Read more

Ordering Lab Tests On Your Own

The best way to know if a genetic variant is affecting you is usually to see where you stand with a blood test.

When does AncestryDNA go on sale?

AncestryDNA can be a great option for DNA testing. You can download your genetic raw data file and use it on Genetic Lifehacks and other sites.  Get the Best Deals on AncestryDNA Test Kits: Check the Website Ahead of Time! While AncestryDNA generally costs around $99 for the test kit, you can snag a deal for $59 or $69 several times throughout the year. Traditionally, AncestryDNA goes on sale before these holidays: Discover exclusive sales dates and discounts for AncestryDNA test kits. Black Friday Sale: Experience huge savings on AncestryDNA test kits on the Friday following Thanksgiving. November/Winter Sale: From early November through Black Friday, AncestryDNA offers enticing discounts on their test kits. Take advantage of this sale if you like to shop early, but know that the prices are typically $10 higher than Black Friday deals. Christmas Sale: Capture the holiday spirit with discounted DNA test kits from Cyber Monday until Christmas Eve. Please note that the discounts may differ from those offered during Black Friday. Valentine’s Sale: Keep an eye out for AncestryDNA’s occasional quick sale during the … Read more

Convert Your Whole Genome File

Directions on converting a whole genome file into a .txt format that can be used on Genetic Lifehacks.

Converting MyHeritage .csv file to .txt

Quick and easy instructions on how to convert your MyHeritage .csv file into a .txt file. You must use a .txt file to access Genetic Lifehacks membership features.

how accurate is 23andMe data

How to download your AncestryDNA raw data

A quick tutorial on downloading your data from AncestryDNA. If you download it from AncestryDNA, then you can use that data in a variety of ways.

Dirty Genes Protocol

Do your genes really get ‘dirty’? The quick answer is no but discover the meaning of this concept and how to better relate it to your genes.

finding genetics and health research on reddit

Best Reddit Forums on Genetics

Wanting to find out more about genetics or stay current on research? Reddit is one place for discovering new research studies.

check secretor status

How do I check my Secretor status?

You don’t have to order an expensive secretor test if you already have 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or other genetic raw data – just check your genes.

What happens if I have MTHFR?

Wondering what MTHFR is all about? Learn what the research says about it and how to check your own raw data file.

how accurate is 23andMe data

23 and Me vs Ancestry: Accuracy

Wondering whether to go with an or 23andMe kit? This is a quick, no-nonsense comparison between the two.

Debunking the “blood-type diet”

Does the science back up the idea that you can lose weight solely based on your blood type? The article explains the different ABO blood types, breaks down the core ideas of a blood type diet, and offer some food for thought on how to approach these methods. (Member’s article)

Biological Age Calculators

A look into the newest biological age calculators available. How well do your lifestyle and genetics interact to estimate your cellular age? (Member’s article)