Questions about your 23andMe data?

Do you have questions about using your 23andMe raw data? Check out the most common questions people ask about using their 23andMe gene information.

Debunking the “blood-type diet”

Does the science back up the idea that you can lose weight solely based on your blood type? The article explains the different ABO blood types, breaks down the core ideas of a blood type diet, and offer some food for thought on how to approach these methods. (Member’s article)

privacy of your genetic data

Privacy and Your Genes

Promethease was bought by MyHeritage. Promethease user’s genetic data will be transferred to MyHeritage through the acquisition.

Review of 23andMe’s GrandTree Feature

A review of the GrandTree feature on 23andMe. It allows you to link together three generations to see what a grandchild inherited from their grandparents.