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  • Dry Eyes: Using Genetics to Find Solutions
    Do you suffer from dry eyes? Learn about current research-backed solutions and the genetics links that could increase your susceptibility.
  • Genetic Variant Linked to Side Effects from mRNA vaccines
    Will you get side effects from mRNA vaccines? A genetic variant in the HLA-A gene might cause an increase in your response to the vaccine.
  • HPA Axis Dysfunction: Cortisol and Stress
    Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in times of stress, and it also plays many roles in your normal bodily functions. It is a multi-purpose hormone that needs to be in the right amount (not too high, not too low) and at the right time. Your genes play a big role in how likely you are to have problems with cortisol.
  • Always tired? Genetic reasons for fatigue
    Are you always tired even when you know you slept well? Discover more about the newest research on fatigue and how genetic susceptibility plays a part for some people.
  • Asparagus Pee: Genes and Odor Detection
    Can you smell asparagus in your pee? It is a smell that is inescapable, overwhelming, and unique. Right? Well, some people actually have no idea how pungent it can be.
  • Genetic Causes of Male Infertility
    Almost 10% of couples worldwide struggle with infertility. Learn more about your genetic susceptibility and dig deeper into the lifestyle factors that could affect your sperm.
  • Depression Causes: Genetic Overview
    Depression can have multiple physiological causes. This article ties together 9 separate articles on depression to simply your genetic search.
  • Key Genes to check for Alcoholism
    Learn more about the genetic connections to alcohol addiction, how to check your genetic raw data, and what research-backed treatment options are available.

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Hi! I’m Debbie Moon. Welcome to Genetic Lifehacks.

When I first had my genetic data sequenced, I was both amazed at the research available in academic journals and frustrated by the difficult language and disconnected topics.

Genetic Lifehacks began as a way to share what I was learning about genetics with my family and friends. My goal has always been to freely share information so that everyone can benefit.

As the website grew in popularity, I decided that I needed to know more… both more about genetics and more about how the pieces of the biological systems fit together. Since my undergraduate degree was in engineering, I went back to school and received my Master’s degree in Biological Sciences from Clemson University.

Now a full-time endeavor, Genetic Lifehacks has reached over 2 million readers, equipping people to use their genetic data to optimize their health. 

Debbie Moon, Founder of Genetic Lifehacks