Topic Summary Reports

Topic Summary Reports included in Membership:

Be sure to connect to your raw data file before accessing the reports.

Need help? How to use the reports

Your genetic data will show up in the YOU column if you have connected to your genetic data file. This is just loading into your browser on your computer – nothing is being transmitted to Genetic Lifehacks.

Compare your genotype (“YOU”) to the “Risk Allele” column. Your genotype will be highlighted in yellow if you match with one risk allele or highlighted in orange if you match with two risk alleles.
If your data matches with the risk alleles, then click on the article title to learn more.

If your genotype is “- -“, then it isn’t included in your raw data. Not all rs id’s will be available; it depends on the version of your raw data file.
Having problems? Check out the troubleshooting guide or contact us.

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