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Getting Started

What is Genetic Lifehacks all about?

1) Explaining the science:
The goal here at Genetic Lifehacks is to explain how your genes interact with your diet and lifestyle. Your genes make up the blueprint of who you are, and you can use your genetic data to find health solutions that are personalized for you.

2) Making it easy:
Members connect to their genetic raw data file and see their genotype in each article and in summary reports. You can use your data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Selfdecode, and more! (Download directions for 23andMe, AncestryDNA.
Find out about different testing options)

3) Evidence – with links:
All of the 350+ articles here are fully referenced, with links taking you right to the peer-reviewed studies. You are encouraged to read through the research for yourself!  It is essential to know where science-based information comes from.

4) Lifehacks for application:
None of this great scientific information will do you any good, though, without solutions. Each article contains a ‘Lifehacks’ section with research-based solutions that may work for your genes.

You can read through all of the different solutions and figure out what works best for you. (Talk with your doctor if you have medical questions, of course.)

5) Overview Reports:
Membership includes Summary Reports for each category. This lets you easily see which articles apply to your genes.

Summary reports:
Overview of your data for all 300+ articles with genotype reports

Organized by topic:

Dive in – find a topic that interests you – and start learning about how your genes influence nutrition, disease risk, traits, and more!

4-Day Getting Started Email Course:

Want to learn more about the basics of genes and what your genetic data can tell you? I have a free, 4-day email course on getting started with genes. 

FAQ’s about Genetics

A quick reference to our most frequently asked questions on basic genetics, membership, and the privacy policies of Learn more here.

Learning Videos

A quick tutorial on how to locate your genotypes when reading our articles. By following a few easy steps, you will quickly discover how to relate the articles and topics for your specific genes.