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What is Genetic Lifehacks all about?

Explaining the science: The goal here at Genetic Lifehacks is to explain how your genes interact with your diet and lifestyle. Your genes make up the blueprint of who you are, and you can use your genetic data to find health solutions that are personalized for you.

Evidence – with links: All of the articles here are fully referenced, with easy links to the peer-reviewed studies on the topics. You are encouraged to read through the research for yourself!  It’s important to know where science-based information comes from.

Lifehacks for application: None of this great science information will do you any good, though, without solutions. So each article contains a ‘Lifehacks’ section with research-based solutions that may work for your genes.

Overwhelmed by too much information?

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Dive in – find a topic that interests you – and start learning about how your genes influence nutrition, disease risk, traits and more!