Your genetic variants make you UNIQUE!  From hair to skin to how things taste – your genes code for all that makes you wonderful. 

Ear Wax & Body Odor: It's genetic

The ABCC11 gene determines both the type of earwax a person has and their armpit odor. A change in a single spot in the DNA of this gene can cause the gene not to function.

How well do you break down alcohol?

The body breaks down and gets rid of alcohol in two steps. Genetic variants in either of these genes can change the way that you metabolize alcohol - whether more quickly or more slowly than normal.

Wrinkles & Age Spots

Some people age beautifully with great looking skin; others slather on creams and odd gunk in a futile battle to chase away wrinkles and age spots. What is the difference between aging with lots of wrinkles or just a few? Genetics and environmental factors, of course.

Genes & Balding

What causes male pattern baldness? A combination of genetics, nutrition, and environmental toxins come together to form the risk factors for baldness. But genetics really seems to rule the roost here.

Genetics and Taste Receptors (Interesting Stuff)

Ever wonder why some people don’t like Brussel sprouts or strong, dark coffee? Some people love a good, dark roast, cup of coffee – and Brussel sprouts and cabbage taste just great. Genetic variants in the taste receptor genes mean that we taste things differently!

Genetics and Cavities: Check your 23 and Me data

Are your cavities caused by genetics?

It turns out that genetics plays a larger role here than you would think. It is estimated by researchers that the ‘heritability’ or genetic component of dental caries is about 50%.

HIV Resistance

Did you know that some people are resistant to HIV? People who carry two copies of the CCR5 delta-32 mutation are resistant to *most* strains of HIV. (Still not something to test out!) Check your genes to see if you carry this mutation.

Using Your Data for Biohacking

Wondering how to use your genetic data for biohacking? This article gives you a bunch of tips on getting started with optimizing your health and lifestyle based on your genes.

Wine Tasting Genes

When you think of wine, do you wax poetically about the subtle notes of springtime apple blossoms with hints or truffles — or do you just hope that all your friends can’t tell that you secretly like “Two-Buck Chuck” the best? Your genetic variants definitely influence the way that your taste buds work when it comes to wine.

Genes for Red Hair

To have red hair, you need to carry two variants in the MC1R gene. We all know our hair color, but it turns out that if you carry one MC1R genetic variant (and don't have red hair) you are still at an increased risk for skin cancer.

Double Lashes

Elizabeth Taylor stood out in many ways - in part because of her thick lashes. Turns out a genetic variant is likely to be the source of her double row of lashes.

Non-secretors: Norovirus resistance and gut microbiome

A genetic variant in the FUT2 gene controls whether or not you secrete your blood type into your saliva and other bodily fluids, such as your intestinal mucosa. This alters the gut microbiome - and protects you from Norovirus.