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Using your genetic raw data file to optimize your health

So you decided to find out about your ancestry with 23andMe, MyHeritage, AncestryDNA…
Knowing your ancestry is just the beginning!

These ancestry testing companies also give you access to your raw genetic data. Best of all, it is the same raw data file whether you buy the more expensive versions or the cheapest option.

Combine that genetic data with the latest genetics research, and you have a gold mine of priceless information!

Genetic Lifehacks explains the genetic research and shows you how to apply it to your life.

What is the best DNA test kit?

If you have decided to test your DNA, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices available today. You can find our quick reference guide that compares the well-known companies that offer DNA testing here.

What can I do with my genetic raw data?

You can use your genetic raw data file to:

  • understand which chronic disease you are susceptible to
  • learn which solutions may work better for you, based on your genes
  • optimize your diet and overall healthy lifestyle in a targeted and personal way

First step: download your raw data

The first step is to download your genetic data file and save it in a safe location. You may also want to back up the data to a secure backup drive.

Here’s how to download your data from 23andMe; and here is how to download your data from AncestryDNA.

Dive in and start learning for free

All the articles on Genetic Lifehacks are free to read. Once you get hooked on learning about your genes, you’ll want to join as a member to make it easy to see which solutions to apply for your genes.

Let me give you some suggestions for getting started:

1) Optimize your nutrition

One-size-fits-all dietary advice may not be right for you!

Learn about the changes you can make to dial in the nutrients you may need more of. Head to the nutrients topics section to learn about:

2) Find out cool things about yourself using your genetic raw data

Not everything in your genes is doom and gloom. Everyone has their genetic superpower!

Perhaps you are something of a supertaster? Or you could carry genes linked to living longer. Maybe you’re immune to the norovirus?

3) Make sure you don’t have anything important…

I created a “Top 10 Genes” list that I would love for everyone to check. These are the genetic variants that have a bigger impact on health — and knowing about them can make a world of difference.

Why is Genetic Lifehacks different?

My goal is simple: To explain the new research on genetics, and show you how you can apply it.

A lot of genetic report companies use older studies, and they blow the results out of proportion to be able to sell you a bunch of reports on different topics.

You won’t find the hype (nor advertisements or affiliate links) here on this website. Genetic Lifehacks is member-supported and driven to produce high-quality content, without financial bias.

Privacy and your genetic data:

A hidden secret of many genetic report companies is that they make their profit from your genetic data, not from you buying their reports.

The combination of your genetic data along with which health topics you are reading about and your browsing habits — that data is where the money is.  And imagine if you voluntarily answered survey questions and uploaded your lab test results. Whew. That is a treasure-trove of data to be sold off when acquired by a tech giant.

Genetic Lifehacks does things differently. There is no Google ad tracking or Google analytics installed. There are no links that give the social media companies your browsing history on Genetic Lifehacks.

And best of all… the membership is designed so that your genetic data stays safely on your computer. You can view all the member reports and your data in the articles without your data being transferred or stored online.

Learning more about genetics:

Need a quick, basic overview of how your genes work? Sign up for the free 4-day email course that explains background information about what is in your genetic raw data file, what genes actually do, and some of the terminology you’ll come across.

Do you have an unanswered question about using your 23andMe data?
We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about 23andMe. Some examples include, ‘Which 23andMe kit should I buy?’ or ‘Can my 23andMe data tell me what to eat?’ You can find those answers and more about 23andMe here.