When does AncestryDNA go on sale?

AncestryDNA can be a great option for DNA testing. You can download your genetic raw data file and use it on Genetic Lifehacks and other sites.  Get the Best Deals on AncestryDNA Test Kits: Check the AncestryDNA.com Website Ahead of Time!

While AncestryDNA generally costs around $99 for the test kit, you can snag a deal for $59 or $69 several times throughout the year.

Traditionally, AncestryDNA goes on sale before these holidays:

Discover exclusive sales dates and discounts for AncestryDNA test kits.

  1. Black Friday Sale: Experience huge savings on AncestryDNA test kits on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.
  2. November/Winter Sale: From early November through Black Friday, AncestryDNA offers enticing discounts on their test kits. Take advantage of this sale, where prices are typically $10 higher than Black Friday deals. Explore the possibility of discounted premium options during this period.
  3. Christmas Sale: Capture the holiday spirit with discounted DNA test kits from Cyber Monday until Christmas Eve. Please note that the discounts may differ from those offered during Black Friday.
  4. Valentine’s Sale: Keep an eye out for AncestryDNA’s occasional quick sale during the week of Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Don’t miss the chance to celebrate love and heritage with discounted test kits.
  5. Mother’s Day Sale: Make Mother’s Day (the second Sunday in May) truly memorable by taking advantage of the sale on 23andMe test kits. Enjoy special offers in the weeks leading up to this special day.
  6. Father’s Day Sale: Prepare for Father’s Day (the third Sunday in June) by checking out the sale period for AncestryDNA test kits. Surprise Dad with a meaningful gift while enjoying discounted prices.
  7. Amazon Prime Day: Mark your calendar for Amazon Prime Day in July. Don’t forget to visit Amazon for exciting discounts on a wide range of genetics offers, including AncestryDNA test kits.
  8. Columbus Day Sale: In the first and second weeks of October, many genetic test kit brands, including AncestryDNA, often offer discounts. Make the most of Columbus Day sales by purchasing a kit at a reduced price.


Once you have your AncestryDNA results, be sure to download your raw data for use with Genetic Lifehacks membership.

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