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Changes to what non-members can view

My goal with Genetic Lifehacks is to help you figure out how your genes impact your wellness, your diet, your mood, and much more. Membership is only $8.99/month (or only $3.75/month if you pay annually!). The price is kept low so that everyone can afford to read the 300+ articles and see their genetic data in the articles and reports.

The Genotype Report section and Lifehacks section used to be open for non-members to read…

…but that now has to change.

After 8 years of having it all accessible, I’ve ended up setting more of the article to be viewable only for logged-in members.

With all of the AI bots (ChatGPT, etc) scraping my site and, to be blunt, stealing my intellectual property, I’ve decided it is time to put more of the articles behind the paywall.

This not only makes it a little more difficult for competitors to rip off my articles and generate their own versions with AI, but it will hopefully cut down on my server costs for the bandwidth being used by the bots. This move should also improve the site experience for my paying members.

You are welcome to join for only a month or two  — or stick around for years, as many members do.

Members can easily cancel their membership on their Account Information page at any time.