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Converting MyHeritage .csv file to .txt

The MyHeritage raw data contains similar information to the 23andMe and AncestryDNA data, but it is in a slightly different format – a .csv or comma-separated values file type.

A .csv file is a type of text file with values that are separated by commas. To use this data file with Genetic Lifehacks membership, you will need to convert it to a text file that is tab delimited.

Directions for converting .csv to .txt:

  1. Download your MyHeritage raw data and unzip (uncompress) the .zip file. It will give you a file named MyHeritage_raw_dna_data.csv.
  2. Open the MyHeritage_raw_dna_data.csv in Excel. Alternatively, you can open Excel and then import the .csv file.
    (Google Sheets won’t work as an alternative to Excel for this. There is a maximum row limit of 40,000 rows in Google Sheets. The MyHeritage data file contains over 600,000 rows.)
  3. In Excel, save the file as a tab delimited text (.txt) file. On a Mac, the option looks like this:


That’s it! Your data should now work with Genetic Lifehacks membership features.

Not working? If you are a Genetic Lifehacks member and struggling with converting your file, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. If you don’t have Excel, I can easily convert the file for you.


About the Author:
Debbie Moon is the founder of Genetic Lifehacks. Fascinated by the connections between genes, diet, and health, her goal is to help you understand how to apply genetics to your diet and lifestyle decisions. Debbie has a BS in engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an MSc in biological sciences from Clemson University. Debbie combines an engineering mindset with a biological systems approach to help you understand how genetic differences impact your optimal health.