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News and Research: Genetic Risk Factor for ME/CFS

Article (Pre-print): Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS Identified using Combinatorial Analysis

Overview: Researchers re-analyzed genetic data from previous ME/CFS studies using a new technique with combinatorial analysis and machine learning.

The technique allowed them to group the ME/CFS patients into ‘communities’ based on symptoms, and they looked for genetic variants that were linked to those communities.

They looked, for example, at people with ME/CFS who had previously had Epstein-Barr virus or who were currently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. By looking at the ME/CFS patients with similar symptoms, blood test results, or diagnoses, the researchers could draw conclusions about the genetic variants involved. For example, in ME/CFS patients with significant pain, they were more likely to have genetic variants in pain-related genes, such as a sodium-dependent transporter involved in GABA reuptake.

My hope is that someday this type of analysis can be used to help people with ME/CFS target the right treatment.

About the Author:
Debbie Moon is the founder of Genetic Lifehacks. Fascinated by the connections between genes, diet, and health, her goal is to help you understand how to apply genetics to your diet and lifestyle decisions. Debbie has a BS in engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an MSc in biological sciences from Clemson University. Debbie combines an engineering mindset with a biological systems approach to help you understand how genetic differences impact your optimal health.