News and Research: Genetic Risk Factor for ME/CFS

Article (Pre-print): Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS Identified using Combinatorial Analysis

Overview: Researchers re-analyzed genetic data from previous ME/CFS studies using a new technique with combinatorial analysis and machine learning.

The technique allowed them to group the ME/CFS patients into ‘communities’ based on symptoms, and they looked for genetic variants that were linked to those communities.

They looked, for example, at people with ME/CFS who had previously had Epstein-Barr virus or who were currently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. By looking at the ME/CFS patients with similar symptoms, blood test results, or diagnoses, the researchers could draw conclusions about the genetic variants involved. For example, in ME/CFS patients with significant pain, they were more likely to have genetic variants in pain-related genes, such as a sodium-dependent transporter involved in GABA reuptake.

My hope is that someday this type of analysis can be used to help people with ME/CFS target the right treatment.