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Family Cheat Sheet (Add On for Members)




New!  Have you ever wanted to see how your data matches with your kids or your parents? This cheat sheet will show the data for up to five members of the same family.

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What I need from you:

You’ll need to upload the data files for up to five family members. If you aren’t able to get all of the files to upload, please zip them together into a compressed file.

Alternatively, you can email them to me — or email me a link to the file if it is in a cloud storage site such as dropbox.  My email address is

Your responsibility!

Please make sure that each data file has the family member’s name (or nickname, pseudonym) in the file name. This is especially important if you upload AncestryDNA files, which are usually all labeled AncestryDNA.txt.

Questions? Feel free to email me any time.

Data policy: I’ll delete your uploaded files from the server within a day or two and from my local offline storage within a few weeks. Since I don’t keep your data for security and privacy purposes, if you have any questions or need the cheat sheet re-sent, I may need you to upload all of your files again.