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Latest articles:

  • Depression Causes: Genetic Overview
    Depression can have multiple physiological causes. This article ties together 9 separate articles on depression to simply your genetic search.
  • Key Genes to check for Alcoholism
    Are there key genes to check for alcoholism? Learn more about the genetic connections to alcohol addiction and what research-backed treatment options are available.
  • ANK3: Bipolar Disorder and Brain Development
    The genetic variants in the ANK3 gene impact the risk of psychiatric disorders that include bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorders, and heart arrhythmia. Discover how ANK3 impacts neuronal formation and transmission and how this ties into an increased risk of psychiatric disorders.
  • L-theanine for anxiety: genetics and nature’s chill pill
    L-theanine is known for reducing anxiety and promoting sleep. Discover the many benefits of l-theanine and how supplementation might work for you.
  • Raynaud’s: Causes, Symptoms, and Genetics
    Do your fingertips turn white and blue when cold? Discover the causes and symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome and your genetic susceptibility.
  • Hypertension Risk Factor: CYP11B2 Variant
    Hypertension risk can be modifiable in terms of diet and exercise however genetics can play a part in risk. Learn more about how the CYP11B2 variant can increase the risk of hypertension.

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Genetic Lifehacks began as a way to share what I was learning about genetics with my family and friends. My goal has always been to freely share information so that everyone can benefit.

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Now a full-time endeavor, Genetic Lifehacks has reached over 2 million readers, equipping people to use their genetic data to optimize their health. 

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