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My goal is to show you how to use your genetic raw data:

  • Learn how your genes impact your physical and mental health
  • Explore evidence-based solutions that may work for your genes
  • Apply current health and genetics research

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Latest articles:

  • Hypertension Risk Factor: CYP11B2 Variant
    Hypertension risk can be modifiable in terms of diet and exercise however genetics can play a part in risk. Learn more about how the CYP11B2 variant can increase the risk of hypertension.
  • Curcumin Supplements: Decreasing Inflammation
    Have you heard that curcumin supplements offer a slew of health benefits? Discover the science behind how curcumin reduces inflammation for better outcomes in chronic diseases.
  • TLR7: Susceptibility to COVID-19
    In recent research, mutations in TLR7 (a sensor in our innate immune system) might cause severe Covid-19 in a small minority of healthy people.
  • Heat Shock Proteins: Cellular Resilience
    Heat shock proteins are activated by cells in response to a stressful condition, such as exposure to high heat. Learn more about the essentials of heat shock proteins, including how to activate them and the genetic variants that impact how well they work.
  • Psychopath Genes: Born not made?
    Can you be born a psychopath? Are there genes linked to psychopathy? Discover how your genes don’t predestine you to become a psychopath.
  • GLP-1: Appetite, Insulin, and Genetics
    GLP-1, a small peptide, tells your pancreas to release insulin after a meal and signals to your brain to stop eating. If you are someone who struggles with appetite, weight, or with diabetes, the GLP-1 hormone may be at the heart of your issues.
  • Recipes and Foods for Histamine Intolerance
    Interested in low histamine foods and recipes? This article focuses on foods high in histamine so you can easily eliminate them from your diet.
  • Research roundup: Preventing and mitigating COVID-19
    An introduction to a series of articles on the research into things that may help to mitigate some of your risk in SARS-Cov-2 infections. 
  • Research Studies on Plant Compounds for SARS-CoV-2
    This article explains the current research (August 2021) on natural compounds that may help to combat SARS-CoV-2. Included are clinical trial results on nigella sativa, curcumin, and quercetin.

My Story

Hi! I’m Debbie Moon. Welcome to Genetic Lifehacks.

When I first had my genetic data sequenced, I was both amazed at the research available in academic journals and frustrated by the difficult language and disconnected topics.

Genetic Lifehacks began as a way to share what I was learning about genetics with my family and friends. My goal has always been to freely share information so that everyone can benefit.

As the website grew in popularity, I decided that I needed to know more… both more about genetics and more about how the pieces of the biological systems fit together. Since my undergraduate degree was in engineering, I went back to school and received my Master’s degree in Biological Sciences from Clemson University.

Now a full-time endeavor, Genetic Lifehacks has reached almost 2 million readers, equipping people to use their genetic data to optimize their health. 

Debbie Moon, Founder of Genetic Lifehacks