Decrease Your Risk of Diabetes – Using Genetics

What comes to mind as far as the risk of type 2 diabetes? Usually first up is the mental picture of someone eating donuts and slurping down soft drinks.  While diet definitely contributes to diabetes risk, not everyone who eats donuts and slurps soft drinks will get diabetes. Alternatively, not everyone with type 2 diabetes got it through poor dietary choices. Obviously, the must be more to diabetes than just poor dietary choices. (Don't get me wrong - you should still make good dietary choices...) Genetics plays a role in diabetes, as anyone who has several diabetics in their family well knows.  This is a big, broad topic, though, since there isn't just one gene that causes diabetes or even one way that people can have problems with regulating their blood sugar. (more…)

By Debbie Moon, ago
Circadian Rhythm

PPARG: A genetic variant that can protect against obesity and type-2 diabetes, but only if you eat the right diet.

The PPARG (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma) gene has been associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and risk for type-2 diabetes. This gene is involved in the regulation of fatty acid storage and in glucose metabolism. PPAR-gamma is activated by omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and regulates adipocyte differentiation. More specifically, PPARG is a nuclear transcription factor that involved in our natural circadian rhythm, regulating genes involved in storing fat and insulin sensitivity over a 24-hour cycle.[ref] (more…)

By Debbie Moon, ago