PRO: Supplement Research Connections

Pro Member resource guide to help navigate popular supplements concerning genetic variants and health topics. You will find links to all corresponding articles to help you narrow down areas of interest.

PRO Members: Learning Resources

As a busy professional, your time is precious. These learning resources are designed to give you the essentials in a fast, visual format.

PRO Member: Tools and Printables

Pro Member exclusive access to all the printables and tools needed for a comprehensive approach to the health and wellness of your clients.

Case Examples: Nutrigenomics

Wondering what to look for on the vitamins and foods cheat sheet? Here are a few examples of how nutrigenomics (nutrition + genomics) can impact someone.

Diabetes: Genetic Risk Factors

A printable guide for the genetic risk factors of diabetes. It includes specific genotypes that influence the risk of diabetes, along with possible lifestyle changes that can be implemented for better outcomes.

Summary Reports (PRO Members)

PRO Member reports that show the overview of genotypes from various topics. You have the ability to select the topic of interest or choose all topics.