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Keeping Your Genetic Data Private

There is so much you can learn from your genes! I’m a big fan of genetic testing, but I’m also very concerned about the privacy risks of genetic data. Let’s look at some of the concerns about genetic testing and some ways to reduce the privacy risks. Is it possible … Read more

News and Research: MS, remyelination, and an OTC antihistamine

Study: MWF of the corpus callosum is a robust measure of remyelination: Results from the ReBUILD trial Published: PNAS, May 2023 Overview: The study included 50 multiple sclerosis (MS patients) and looked at the brain regions that are rich in myelin.  In MS, the body attacks the myelin sheath. The … Read more

News and Research: Apraxia Gene Mutation Discovered

Article: Speech- and language-linked FOXP2 mutation targets protein motors in striatal neurons Published: May 2023, Journal Brain Summary: Human speech and language are very complex, and scientists have discovered a gene mutation called FOXP2 in some people with speech problems. The details of how this mutation affects speech have been unclear. Recent … Read more

PRO: Supplement Research Connections

Pro Member resource guide to help navigate popular supplements concerning genetic variants and health topics. You will find links to all corresponding articles to help you narrow down areas of interest.

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As a busy professional, your time is precious. These learning resources are designed to give you the essentials in a fast, visual format.

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Pro Member exclusive access to all the printables and tools needed for a comprehensive approach to the health and wellness of your clients.

Case Examples: Nutrigenomics

Wondering what to look for on the vitamins and foods cheat sheet? Here are a few examples of how nutrigenomics (nutrition + genomics) can impact someone.