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Unlock the Power of Genetics: Enhance Your Practice with Genetic Lifehacks PRO Membership

Perfect for Health Professionals and Family Health Gurus – Generate Unlimited Personalized Genetic Reports and Access Exclusive Educational Resources

Target Audience:

  • Health professionals: coaches, nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners, mental health professionals, chiropractors, and more
  • Family health gurus: manage your family’s genetic data with ease

PRO Membership Benefits:

  1. Unlimited Report Generation: Create as many personalized genetic reports as you need for yourself, your clients, or your family.
  2. Customizable Reports: Add notes and names to reports, tailoring them to your clients’ unique needs.
  3. Privacy First: Generate reports without uploading or storing data files online, ensuring the privacy of sensitive genetic information.

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PRO Reports: Unlimited Creation of Reports

  • Access comprehensive summary reports covering ~1,800 SNPs across various topics, such as nutrigenomics, detoxification, and heart health.
  • Easily switch between data files stored on your hard drive (genetic data is not transferred to nor stored by Genetic Lifehacks!).
  • Review and annotate reports before sharing them with your clients or family.
  • Printable and savable as PDFs for easy sharing.

Here’s what the reports look like:


PRO Learning Resources:

As a PRO member, gain access to exclusive educational resources, including:

  • PRO Article Summaries (e.g., TNF summary)
  • Case Scenarios: In-depth explanations and visuals for better report understanding
  • Printables: Shareable resources for clients or family (e.g., zinc-rich foods list)

Hear What Our PRO Members Have to Say:

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Educational Resources Preview:

Here’s an example of what one of the Case Scenarios pages looks like:


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How is PRO Different from Regular Membership?

PRO membership includes all features of a regular membership, plus:

  • Exclusive access to educational resources through the Member Dashboard
  • Extra information and insights tailored for health professionals and family health gurus


Join Here as a PRO!

I’m already a member – How do I upgrade?

Simply go into your Account Information page and click on Change Plan in the Subscriptions tab. Your PRO membership ($159) will be prorated to reflect your current membership.