PRO Membership Features

Wondering what the PRO Membership is all about?

This membership is geared towards:

  • health professionals — coaches, nutritionists, functional medicine, chiropractors, and more
  • the family health guru — managing all your family members’ genetic data

PRO membership lets you:

  • Create reports for others
  • Add notes and names to reports
  • All without uploading or storing the data file online

PRO learning:

In addition to creating reports, you also have access to Educational Resources for PROs. This includes:

  • PRO Article Summaries (.pdf)
  • Case Scenarios: Explanations with visuals of what could be important in the summary report
  • Printables for clients/family including nutrient lists

What does the PRO membership look like?

All of the regular membership features are included in the PRO membership.

But as a PRO, you will see extra information and have access to the educational resources via the Member Dashboard.



What are the Educational Resources like?

Here’s a quick example of what one of the Case Scenarios pages looks like:


How do I upgrade?

Simply go into your Account Information page and click on Change Plan in the Subscriptions tab.  Your PRO membership ($119 introductory price this summer) will be prorated to reflect your current membership.