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Snips about SNPs: Diabetes and TCF7L2

Diabetes is usually blamed on eating the wrong foods, but your genes play a big role in your susceptibility to the disease.

Snips about SNPs: Low LDL Cholesterol

Can you have low LDL cholesterol throughout life and a decreased risk of heart disease? Sign me up! No, this isn’t the latest pill from a pharmaceutical company, but a genetic variant that some people have.


Snips about SNPs: Taste Receptors

Do you love dark chocolate and coffee? Different genetic variants of those taste receptor genes mean that foods don’t taste the same to everyone.

Snips about SNPs: High Triglycerides and APOA5

A variant in the APOA5 gene is linked to higher triglyceride levels and also an increased risk of heart disease. Learn how your genes can cause high triglycerides.


Snips about SNPs: MTHFR

A quick way to check your 23 and Me or AncestryDNA data for the MTHFR mutation. Learn whether you should add more folate to your diet.

Snips about SNPs: Opioid Receptor

Genetic variants in OPRM1 (opioid receptor, mu 1) change your response to opioids and may lead to dependency. Check your genetic raw data for risk.

Check your 23andMe for resistance to HIV

Snips about SNPs: HIV resistance

Check your 23andMe data for the CCR5 delta 32 mutation that causes partial resistance to HIV and AIDS.

Snips about SNPs: ADA gene and sleepiness

Waking up groggy? The ADA gene affects adenosine clearance. Check your genetic raw data for the variant that causes more slow-wave sleep.

Snips about SNPs: Omega-3’s from plants

Your genes influence how well you can use plant-based omega 3’s. Check your genetic data to see if you should eat more fish (or take algal oil) for DHA/EPA.

Snips about SNPs: Digesting Carbs

Your genes play a role in how well you break down carbohydrates. Check your amylase genes in your genetic raw data file to see how well you break down carbs.

Snips about SNPs: Evening chronotypes

Your CLOCK gene variants may lead to being more active in the evening and staying up a little later. Learn more and check your genetic raw data file.

check your genetic data for lp(a)

Snips about SNPs: Heart attack risk – Lp(a)

Elevated Lp(a) is a big risk factor for heart attacks, and elevated Lp(a) is mainly due to genetics. Check to see if you carry the genetic variants linked to elevated Lp(a).

Snips about SNPs: Hangry Gene

Do you get irritable and grouchy when you are fasting? It could be due to your genes. Check your genetic data from 23andMe or AncestyDNA.

Snips about SNPs: Alcohol Flush

Face flushing when you drink? Feeling bad? Your ALDH gene variants control how you react to alcohol. Check your 23andMe or AncestryDNA data.

Snips about SNPs: HFE gene and iron

A couple of mutations in the HFE gene increase the amount of iron absorbed from food which can lead to hemochromatosis. Check your genetic data.

Snips about SNPs: Lactose Intolerance Gene

Do you love dairy but it doesn’t love you? The LCT gene controls whether you produce lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose) as an adult.