Genetic Lifehacks Consultation Report

Need help with sorting out all of your genetic information?  Wish that I could just tell you what is important to know?

Top 5 Topics Consultation Report (includes Annual Membership)

Wanting a more personalized report?  The Top 5 Topics Consultation Report is a 7 to 14-page report on what I think is important in your genetic data.

Included in the Top 5 Topics consultation is a voucher for a free annual Genetic Lifehacks Membership along with a 50-page .pdf  ‘cheat sheet’ that shows how your genetic data matches up to articles on this website.

Order the Top 5 Topics consultation report, cheat sheet, and annual membership  for only $99

 Questions?  I’m happy to answer any questions you have before ordering! Send me a message!  Seriously, just ask.

Not a doctor! Keep in mind that I’m not a doctor. So you are getting my opinion on your genetic data – not a medical consultation. I encourage you to take the referenced studies and your genetic data to your doctor. Talk with your doctor if you need medical advice.

Want it customized? Just add a note in the comments section of the order form if there is a specific topic that you want me to cover. 

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