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Consultation Report on Your Genetic Raw Data

Need help with sorting out all of your genetic information?  Looking for a report on your genetic raw data that simply tells you what is important to know?

The Top 5 Topics Consultation Report is a 9 to 16-page report on what I think is important in your genetic data. It is written in a reader-friendly format, explaining how your genes impact your susceptibility to chronic conditions and how diet and lifestyle factors come into play.

Included with the Top 5 Topics consultation is a voucher (coupon code) for a free Genetic Lifehacks Annual Membership. Additionally, you will receive a 54+ page PDF  ‘cheat sheet‘ that shows how your genetic data matches up to all the articles on this website.

Order the Top 5 Topics consultation report, cheat sheet, and annual membership  for only $104.99

Already a Genetic Lifehacks annual member?  Order your report here:
Top 5 Topics reports at the member price 

More about the Top 5 Topics consultation report:

Questions? I’m happy to answer questions before you order. Just reach out and ask.

More than one genetic raw data file? I can combine your 23andMe and AncestryDNA files together to give you a more thorough view of your genes.

Want the report to cover a specific topic? Just add a note in the comments section of the order form if there is a specific topic that you want me to cover. Or just send me a message.

How long does it take? I usually get the reports back to you within 1 – 3 business days via email. Check your spam if you don’t see the report in a reasonable timeframe.

Not a doctor! Keep in mind that I’m not a doctor. So you are getting my opinion on your genetic data just based on research studies – not a medical consultation. If you have medical questions, I encourage you to take the referenced studies and your genetic data to your doctor.