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Snips about SNPs: Taste Receptors

Do you love dark chocolate and coffee? Both have bitter flavors that some people can taste – and others cannot! We have a bunch of different genes that code for other taste receptors. So different genetic variants of those taste receptor genes mean that foods don’t taste the same to everyone.

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Check your genetic data for rs713598 (23andMe v4, v5; AncestryDNA):

  • G/G: Can taste bitter in broccoli, dark chocolate, etc.
  • C/G: Probably can taste bitter
  • C/C: Unable to taste some bitter flavors

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*SNP stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, which is when one of the nucleotide bases (the A, C, G, or Ts) is replaced by a different nucleotide base in a gene. 

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