What is Genetic Lifehacks?

I’m confused….  What is Genetic Lifehacks all about?

Think of Genetic Lifehacks as a great tool for your health kit. My goal is to help you learn how to make the necessary changes to solve a health challenge or personalize your diet for optimal health – all based on your genetics.  

Genetic Lifehacks focuses on 3 key strategies: Learn, Experiment, Optimize.

To Learn: We explain the science behind health and genetics topics so you can make healthy choices right for your genes.

To Experiment: Every article includes evidence-based solutions or ‘lifehacks’ to apply, based on your genes.

To Optimize: Current health and genetics research are always included so you can fine-tune your supplements or lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life.

These 3 key strategies build upon each other to create the potential for a longer healthspan. That’s the goal, to live a long and healthy life without the chronic diseases that plague many people today.


What Genetic Lifehacks does NOT do:

My goal is to only share high quality, peer-reviewed genetic information that you can actually use.

You won’t find here:

  • Buzzwords like Hyperdimensional Computing, AI, or Deep Learning.
  • Smiley faces or frowny faces. Instead, the information is presented for you to interpret and understand, as a thinking adult.
  • “Bad genes”  There are pros and cons to most genetic variants; it all depends on your environmental factors.
  • Imputing and guessing at your genome. Many companies are now using algorithms to guess your likely genotype based on nearby genes. This type of guesswork is fine for statistical analysis, but for an individual genotype is not nearly accurate enough.

I’m also not out to amass data on my users.

Genetic Lifehacks does not store your genetic data for a very important reason: Just imagine what other genetic reports companies can do with your user data, genetic data, and medical labs.  Then envision what a large tech company like Facebook or Amazon could do with the combined data on your friends, purchase, websites you’ve visited, politics, religious views, and more — along with all of your personal genetic data, medical labs, and viewing history.


Our Membership offers a DIY approach:

Membership allows you to view your genetic data in all the articles so you can easily see what is relevant for you. You no longer have to look up your rs ids and track them. It drastically cuts down on the time you spend trying to find applicable solutions.

Additionally, we offer interactive topic summary reports so you can easily see which articles apply to your genes. These reports are printable with your genetic data and links to the corresponding articles. The reports offer a great personalized view on important topics.  

Finally, we value your privacy. Your genetic data is never transmitted over the internet for our interactive reports. They are rendered in your browser so you remain in control. We are also AD Free. This means you are not tracked on our pages and we will send you no sales pitches.


If you want more help and explanation, our Top 5 Topics Consultation Report is the solution for you

This personalized  “Top 5 Topics” report explains how your genes are impacting your susceptibility to chronic conditions and how diet and lifestyle factors come into play. It takes a look at what is important for you to know.

Each report is specific to the recipient. You may also request to address particular topics or concerns for focus when ordering the report. Your privacy also matters here as well! Your data will not be sold, kept, used for research, or used to sell you supplements, etc. After a month, your genetic data will be deleted.


Recap for Genetic Lifehacks:

Learn how to be your own health advocate.

Experiment with solutions that apply to your genes.

Optimize your lifestyle for better health outcomes.


Getting Started:

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