Decrease diabetes risk with coffee

Does coffee increase or decrease your risk of prediabetes? What if you add sugar to your morning cup o’ joe? Do your genes matter here? A study that included almost 8,000 people in South Korea sought to answer this question.[ref]

Coffee, genes, and diabetes:

The study looked at the incidence of either type 2 diabetes or prediabetes in the participants over the course of 12 years. Researchers found that almost 12% of the participants were diagnosed with diabetes and over 60% became prediabetic during that time. Overall, consuming 2 or more cups of coffee each day decreased the risk of diabetes or prediabetes. Surprisingly, even drinking sugar-sweetened coffee reduced that risk of diabetes/prediabetes, but the risk reduction was not quite as much as in the black coffee group. The decrease in risk varied quite a bit, depending on which genetic variants a person carried. Some people had a 13% risk reduction while others had up to a 64% risk reduction. The researchers used a genetic risk score based on 5 genetic variants (SNPs). The people with a higher number of variant alleles had the greatest decrease in the risk of diabetes

Genetic variants to check:

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