MTHFR – Beyond C677T and A1298C

The MTHFR C677T and A1298C variants get a lot of press  - from Facebook groups to whole websites that talk about them. But there is more to the MTHFR story than just those two variants. This member's only article gives you the bigger picture, including MTHFR variants with positive or protective outcomes.

Going beyond MTHFR 677 and 1298

MTHFR is a key gene in regulating the body's folate metabolism. The folate cycle interacts with the methylation cycle, supplying the body's need for methyl groups. I'm assuming that you already know a little about the methylation cycle and the MTHFR C677 and A1298C variants. If you don't know your status on those two, check out this page: MTHFR: How to check your data for C677T and A1298C  and read through the background information on the methylation cycle. In a nutshell, the methylation cycle is a cellular cycle responsible for creating methyl groups (CH3). These methyl groups are used by the body in tons of different reactions as well as to modify gene expression. Thus, alterations to the availability of methyl groups can have a wide-range of impacts. When reading about MTHFR, most articles only cover the C677T and A1298C variants. But those two variants do not give the whole picture for the MTHFR gene. Other variants also impact the way the MTHFR enzyme functions - both positively and negatively. Also, keep in mind that diet is important here. Many of the impacts of MTHFR variants are mitigated through a diet that is rich in folate or choline.[ref]

Additional MTHFR Genetic Variants:

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Variants that decrease MTHFR enzyme function:

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