How to use your genetic data for biohacking

Biohacking is a term that is usually applied to optimizing health by utilizing tools such as supplements, peptides, biofeedback, photobiomodulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation... and more! One more tool to add to that biohacking toolbox is utilizing your genetic data. You can easily use your genes to determine which biohacks are more likely to be effective for you.

Sequencing your genes for biohacking:

You have many options these days for getting your hands on your genetic data.  The two most common ones are through 23andMe or AncestryDNA, which cost around $99 (or less if on sale).  Both will give you some insight into your health and how to optimize yourself.  23andMe is a little easier to use since they have a nice web interface for looking at your raw data. AncestryDNA does offer a way to download your raw DNA file and you can search the text file.  Or you could catch them both on sale (Father's Day, Mother's Day, Black Friday...) and then combine the 23andMe and AncestryDNA data together for a bigger picture. If you want to go beyond the portion of your genome that you get from 23andMe or Ancestry, there are several options for sequencing your full genome.  Dante Labs offers a full genome sequencing from $599, which is cheap compared to what a full genome sequencing cost just a few years ago. Keep in mind that working with the data file for your full genome may involve installing specialized software to work with the file, but there are open source options available for that.

Once you have your genetic data, what can you do with it?

Your genes code for the proteins that make up your body's tissue and systems. Different genes code for the enzymes that metabolize all of the substances you take into your body. So the great biohacking supplements that work so well for one person may not do anything for you - depending on your genes. You can use that genetic data to find out which supplements, vitamins, or nootropics might work best for you.

Take modafinil, as an example...

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