TNF-alpha: Inflammation and Your Genes

Do you feel like you are constantly dealing with inflammation? Joint pain, food sensitivity, etc.? Perhaps you are genetically geared towards a higher inflammatory response. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is an inflammatory cytokine that acts as a signaling molecule in our immune system.

Inflammation Summary Report

Utilize our Immune and Inflammation Topic Summary Reports with your 23andMe or AncestryDNA genetic data to discover the articles most relevant to you. These summaries distill the complex information down into just a few words. Please refer to the linked articles for details and complete references. (Member’s article)

Genetics and Mannose-Binding Lectin

Mannose-binding lectin, also known as mannose-binding protein, is involved in the body’s innate defense against infections. Find out how genetic variants in this system increase your susceptibility to specific pathogens.

Vitamin D and immunity

Vitamin D, Genes, and Your Immune System

Vitamin D is more than just a ‘vitamin’.  It is actually a hormone that is essential to so many processes in your body – including your immune system. Learn how vitamin D helps the immune response to coronavirus, flu, and other respiratory viruses.

Genetics of Chronic Sinus Infections

Genetics plays a role in the likelihood of having chronic sinus problems. This article looks at the genetic reasons driving some people to have chronic sinus infections.

Genetic susceptibility to viruses

Viral immunity-your genes protect you. Your genetic variants shape your immune system and give you superpowers against some pathogens, perhaps more susceptible to others.​

Gingivitis and Your Genes

You brush, you floss, and your gums still bleed… perhaps you carry some of the genetic variants associated with gingivitis? Check your genetic data to see. (Member’s article)

C-Reactive Protein Gene: Marker of Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the driver of many common diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune diseases. C-Reactive Protein is a marker of inflammation. Genetic variants can increase or decrease CRP levels.

Are you genetically less likely to get the flu?

Have you ever wondered why some people never seem to get the flu when it is going around? Simply put, some people are just more susceptible to getting the flu than others. Learn more and see if you are more or less susceptible to the flu.

Low Histamine Smoothie Bowl

It can be difficult sometimes to come up with new breakfast ideas for a low histamine diet. Here is a recipe for a low histamine smoothie bowl for a quick breakfast. (Member’s article)

Increased Inflammation and IL-17A Genetic Variants

Some people have a more sensitive immune system and are more prone to inflammatory reactions. We need a balance in the body between fighting off pathogens and not having too much of an inflammatory response. Learn more about what triggers inflammation and how your genes play a part.

Low Histamine Salsa Recipe

On a low histamine diet and craving salsa and tortilla chips? Here is a quick recipe for a low histamine salsa using roasted red peppers instead of tomatoes.

Low Histamine Mint Shake

Looking for low histamine treats? Here is a mint shake recipe low in histamines, and an excellent source of luteolin, a mast cell stabilizer.