Choline – An essential nutrient

I just finished listening to an interesting podcast featuring Dr. Zeisel, a researcher at the NC Nutrition Research Institute.  The interview discussed the body’s need for choline and the impact of some genetic polymorphisms on our ability to produce it in the body.  So I decided to dig into this Read more…

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Genetics of Grinding Your Teeth

It never fails to amaze me how many of our quirks and traits have a genetic basis.  A study that came out last week caught my eye.  Bruxism (teeth grinding) is linked to a genetic polymorphism! The study, Genetic polymorphisms in the serotoninergic system are associated with circadian manifestations of Bruxism, Read more…

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Serotonin and your genes

Serotonin… most of us think of the commercials with happy brain neurons bouncing serotonin between them. Turns out that there may be a lot more to this molecule that most of us realize. About 90% of serotonin is made in the gut and regulates motility there. Serotonin is also involved Read more…

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