Estrogen: How it is Made and How We Get Rid of It NQO1 Gene: Metabolism of quinones, benzene, and more …

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Snips about SNPs: Alcohol Flush

Face flushing when you drink? Feeling bad? Your ALDH gene variants control how you react to alcohol. Check your 23andMe or AncestryDNA data.


Snips about SNPs: MTHFR

A quick way to check your 23 and Me or AncestryDNA data for the MTHFR mutation. Learn whether you should add more folate to your diet.

‘MTHFR Coffee’ with Eggs and Kale for Breakfast

Spurred on by a podcast, I share a great breakfast that supports the methylation cycle. Gelatin is an excellent source of glycine, an amino acid that is often short-changed in our modern diet. You can even add it to your morning coffee.

Genetic Lifehacks Courses

Explaining genetics topics in a way you can understand. Current Courses: Getting Started with GeneticsA four lesson course that explains …

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picture of a woman on a couch, feeling poorly with pms

PMS, Genetics, and Solutions

A lot of women know the moodiness and brain fog that comes with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Studies estimate that PMS is up to 95% heritable – which means that it has a huge genetic component. Learn about the genes and find out which solutions may actually work for you.