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Identify Your Root Cause(s) of Depression

Depression can have multiple physiological causes. This article ties together 9 separate articles on depression to simply your genetic search.

HIV mutation

Mutation that blocks you from getting AIDS or HIV

The CCR5 gene is an important player in the immune response. A mutation in the CCR5 gene, called the Delta32 mutation, significantly reduces the chance of an HIV infection.

Sudden Hearing Loss: Viruses, Vaccines, and Genes

Genetic variants can significantly increase your risk of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Learn more about the current research on sudden sensorineural hearing loss, including links to viral and vaccine causes.

What does a gene do?

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Genetic Causes of Male Infertility

Almost 10% of couples worldwide struggle with infertility. Learn more about your genetic susceptibility and dig deeper into the lifestyle factors that could affect your sperm.

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Printable Resources

Sometimes you just need to print out and hold on to information… I get it. To help you out, I’ve created several printable resources to go along with Genetic Lifehacks articles. Supplements tracker Have you ever started taking a supplement and later can’t remember what it is supposed to do? Here’s a handy form to keep track of what you are taking and the genetic reason for it. Use it to re-evaluate periodically whether a supplement is working for you. Download Instructions for AncestryDNA Raw Data (.pdf) Printable, sharable instructions for how to download your AncestryDNA raw data file. Perfect for health coaches or practitioners to use with clients. Snips about SNPs A Free eBook filled with short examples of what you can learn from your genetic raw data. Download Instructions for 23andMe Raw Data Printable, sharable instructions for how to download your 23andMe raw data file. Perfect for health coaches or practitioners to use with clients. Food Sources of Folate (.pdf) Perfect for sticking on your fridge, this information sheet will help you choose folate-rich food sources. Be sure … Read more

Dirty Genes Protocol

Do your genes really get ‘dirty’? The quick answer is no but discover the meaning of this concept and how to better relate it to your genes.

FTO is more than just an obesity gene

FTO and m6A methylation: From COVID to Cancer to Obesity

The initial research on the FTO gene was all about how it relates to increased BMI and increased fat cell creation. More recently, researchers discovered that FTO is an m6A eraser that removes methyl groups from mRNA. This discovery has opened up huge avenues of research on topics from cancer to immune response to heart disease.

CBS Gene Variants and Low Sulfur Diet

Some clinicians recommend a low sulfur diet for people with CBS mutations. Find out what the research shows – and why that recommendation is not backed up. (Member’s article)

ABCC11 Gene: Ear wax and no body odor

The ABCC11 gene determines both the type of earwax a person has and their armpit odor. Learn more about how a change in a single spot in the DNA of this gene can cause the gene not to function.

Depression genes

Depression, genetics, and mitochondrial function

How does mitochondrial dysfunction relate to major depressive disorder? Learn about the causes of mitochondrial dysfunction as well as genetic variants that link the risk of depression to the mitochondria.

Is IBS genetic? Targeted solutions, based on your genes

There are multiple causes of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and genetics can definitely play a role in IBS symptoms. Pinpointing your genetic cause may help you to figure out the right solution for you. (Member’s article)

woman with pregnancy test in hand

Genetic links to infertility for women

Your genes may be playing a role in your infertility — and knowing which genetic variants you carry may help you figure out solutions to try.