Histamine Intolerance and Your Genes

Genetics plays a big role in how well your body breaks down histamine. You can use your genetic data to figure out if your genes are part of the reason why you have histamine intolerance.

Histamine Intolerance, MTHFR, and the Methylation Cycle

Genetics plays a role in how well your body breaks down histamine. Histamine that is out of balance with the body’s ability to break it down can cause symptoms that are collectively known as histamine intolerance. Discover how to check your genes that are involved with histamine levels.

Estrogen, histamine, and mast cell connections

Mast cells can be more easily triggered in the presence of high estrogen or estrogen-mimicking compounds. Histamine can also trigger mast cell degranulation. Together, this can cause a lot of symptoms related to mast cell activation.

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Snips about SNPs: Digesting Carbs

Your genes play a role in how well you break down carbohydrates. Check your amylase genes in your genetic raw data file to see how well you break down carbs.

Snips about SNPs: Opioid Receptor

Genetic variants in OPRM1 (opioid receptor, mu 1) change your response to opioids and may lead to dependency. Check your genetic raw data for risk.